Our Values

live life to the fullest


own your today

We say "OWN YOUR TODAY" because the truth is, none of us are guaranteed tomorrow. We often take this for granted as if we are automatically going to get to 80. Planning vs. Living. Sadly, some of us will not wake up tomorrow. We believe it is important to live with purpose every day. Every day is an opportunity to make a difference  #ownyourtoday


What does living with purpose mean? For us, it means " To live your God given potential for the betterment of others. " or  " to use your gifts that God has given you to the betterment of the world " 


To understand the totality of our potential, we pivot on the idea that we must be " One with God" or "Enlivening the spirit ." It is in this space that the authenticity of who we are is realized. 

To Enliven the Spirit

Our human nature is to focus on the physical, because it is what we can see. We believe the truth of our existence is in what we cannot see. We believe that it is in the spirit, that we truly come ALIVE. 

When you enliven the spirit

- you love freely

- you feel joy

- you have peace within

- you forgive easily

- you extend kindness

- you embrace your uniqueness

- you are free of temptation

- your ego is removed

- God is realized + glorified

Why balance?

While we believe in balance in everyday life, when we say balance in this context, we speak to harmony. The understanding that everything is connected and that their is a cause and effect relationship between each. We believe the betterment of each of these 3 cores brings us closer to God and enlivens the spirit. Which to us, is the totality of potential.

An example

Negative thoughts can make you sick. Literally.

It has been proven time and time again that negative thoughts can lead to sickness. Scientifically, negative thoughts cause stress, stress leads to cortisol release. This can cause anxiety, depression, heart disease, digestive issues the list goes on.

The first step to harmony is the awareness of this connection. In this sense, you can be one with God without actively in anything other then being aware

The second step is actively engaging and enlivening these elements.Why? Even if you are aware of the connection, the most importantant thing you can do  is live that understanding. Living that understanding is how you bring your potential in God to life.

No matter how minor the activity is, as long as you are advancing each life area, you are making progress in enlivening your God given potential.

When you are ONE with God, your life is full.  

Our focus in mind, body, and soul because these areas are at the core of who we are as people. 

These are the descriptors behind mind, body and soul and also how to enliven each.

Mind: "Clear on purpose, enabling possibilities, courageous, still"

How to enable mind:

  • power of intention (knowing what you want in your life)
  • learning
  • visualization (creativity, imagination)
  • being in harmony with the present (silence the mind)
  • pushing past normal limits

Body: "Capable, energetic, vibrant being that loves and connects with others"

How to enable body:

  • Breath
  • Eating healthy (in balance)
  • Enhancing flexibility and strength
  • Movement to enhance endurance and function
  • Loving others (family + friends + community)
  • Putting love into action

Soul: "Your Authentic self"

How to enable Soul:

  • Connecting with nature 
  • Authentic expression (being you)
  • Be like a child (love, laugh, smile, dream)
  • Selfless service
  • Expanding your horizons
  • Meditation/Prayer/Worship/The Word