Indigo Nature Retreat

We believe the purpose of life is to use your God given gifts to positively impact everything around you. Indigo is a place where gifts are discovered, and nourished to enliven one's potential.

INDIGO. Immersion in Nature Designed to Inspire Growth

Indigo is a nature retreat located in the lush woods of Pisgah National Forest. Indigo's purpose is to help people come ALIVE. To re-awken the spirit from within and enliven one's true calling to positively impact the world. 

We believe, the more people that come alive to their true potential --> the better the world will be. We created Indigo to enable exaclty that.  

With the Blue Ridge Mountains as our canvas Indigo Nature retreat provides the perfect setting to get away and unwind. Dense foliage, rolling currents, and diverse trails make our home away from home a unique place to come ALIVE. Whether you are looking to stay with us in one of our cabin rentals, immerse in one of our signature retreats, entertain your own retreat, or reconnect with a loved one | Indigo serves as the perfect venue.

How do we enable one's true potential?

First --> We take you away from all that inhibits you. Leaving the noise of the world behind and being in a space where the sounds of nature awaken our truth. Nature is God's way of reminding us how magificent we really are. We begin to see him, which allows us to recognize him in us. 

Second --> We bring together amazing people. Some who facilitate, others who participate. We offer a variety of Signature retreats designed to help you re-discover the passions, the gifts, the love that you hold within. We carry out this discovery process by bringing together amazing people. Leaders, musicians, artisans, athletes, gurus who are living their gifts. Dovetailed with prayer, meditation, yoga, hiking, self compassion and creative expression workshops we laugh, we reflect, we share, we grow. In this process SOO much is revealed. Humility is encouraged. Courage is established, Gifts enlivened and Purpose awakened. --> The World a better place -->Heaven on Earth

Your abilities are the map to God's will for your life. It points the direction. When you know what your good at then you can know what God wants you to do with your life. - Rick Warren

Alivecubed also sponsors exceptional and selfless people who are seeking to uncover their gifts and use them to the betterment of the world. 

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Upcoming retreat | June 9th 2018

* Women only retreat

Open Your Heart

Slow down, give yourself the space to open and nourish your heart.  Connect with other women to learn and share practices designed to honor and love your Divine being.  Being compassionate and loving ourselves enables us to  share our light with the world.

 The day long program will feature:

·         Light breakfast + Welcome

·         Meditation/Prayer practice

·         Limbertwigs Yoga

·         Shinrin-Yoku Walks ( very slow nature walk designed for sensory integration )

·         Catered Lunch

·         Self-compassion Practices (led by Lisa Garcia ) 

·         Creative Expression Workshop (led by Lisa Garcia) 

·         Music and Song

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A place for gathering

Every detail accounted for

Immersed in the trees

Enjoy Newberry Creek

100's of miles of trails that interconnect. Including the Mountains to Sea Trail

Blue Ridge Mountains as your canvas