Thank you for being part of this journey. None of this could have been possible without you. This is a live timeline, bringing to light where funds have gone, and where they are going. Your support is sincerely appreciated. 

Our Story

July 26th 2014 -  Alex races the ORAMM, said to be one of the toughest MTB races in the east. 63m, 10,500 ft of gain. $4,000 in donations were raised, the race was completed in 9 hours. Alive^3 (cubed) was born

July 30th 2014 - Alive^3 (cubed) became an official 501(c)(3) out of Marion, North Carolina. We chose Marion because the community of great people that lived there.

August 15th 2014 - Branding begins. The logo design, colors, website, mobile website, t-shirts, business cards were in motion.

August 23rd 2014 - Kevin Gauthier races the Virginia Spartan Super for Skyla. A girl diagnosed with black fan anemia, a terminal illness. Skyla, despite her illness created a page to help bring awareness to DBA, chronicling the ups, the downs and helping others face the battle head on. Kevin's race funded Skyla's wish to be a kid again. Alive^3 (cubed) funded two nights in a cabin at Jellystone Park, amenity passes, a special "owl win this backpack" (Skyla loves animals), food for the family and a donation of $300 to assist with medical expenses

October 12th 2014 - Timur Dincer races the rocketman Triathlon for Bryson. Bryson was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. Despite the setback - Bryson's family started "Bryson's fuel" a non-profit set up to help other families with kids facing this disease. They help supply needed supplies during these treatments and countless visits to the hospitals. Timur's race funded Bryson's wish to learn how to snowboard. The funds were used to buy Bryson a Burton snowboard, boats, ski lesson passes, and lift tickets for several trips. Bryson and family will be getting on the slopes late February, March to bring this dream to life.

October 15th 2014 - Teresa Coleman and family race a color run to show support for Alive^3(cubed), raising donations and awareness

October 26th - November 2nd - A team of Alive^3(cubed) members race for David Hartsock in the South Carolina Beast/Super and Charlotte Color Run. David, a former skydive instructor saved a lady's life while in tandem. During the tandem jump, both parachutes failed and David made the decision to position his body below hers to absorb the impact. Shirley's life was saved, David's body was in bad shape as a result. David, a fighting quadriplegic wish was to see "Ellen Degeneres". A race team was formed  Among these Cori Gurley, Megan Walker, Chaz and Amy Jackson, Josh French, Ben Tolbert, Dereck and Rebecca Ashcraft raised and help raise awareness for David Hartsock's wish to see Ellen. Large funds were raised, but the combination of travel difficulties and budget has put this excursion on hold. Update: Feb 18th, David has changed his wish. A dear friend of David's had passed away, without Todd, David's story would never have aired on CBS, never reached Sports Illustrated, and there would never have been a story in Reader's Digest. David has decided to dedicate the funds to a Skydive boogie party for all that knew Todd, re-connecting with past friends. Alive^3(cubed) is funding David's travel to and from, skydive passes for 20 fellow skydivers, a special tandem jump and videographer. This date is set for April 18th.

November 25th 2014 - Daxton Bennick races at the Thor Winter Olympics for Sam Rosenbrock. Sam's family has been a beacon in the Morganton, NC community. Hosting blood drives and such shortly after Sam's first diagnosis. Sam came out ahead of the cancer. Shortly after the cancer came back. Dax's race raised money to fund a special train excursion for Sam. Update: 2/23/15 Sam is still battling, we are waiting for a moment of strength to get Sam and family out to experience this trip. Funds are being held at this time.

December 24th 2014 - Alive^3(cubed) in tandem with 828 Hybrid, Yogi Bear and the National Guard assemble to host our 1st annual Toy Walk. On Christmas eve a team of people walked and delivered presents door to door to kids in need in the McDowell and Morganton communities, singing Christmas carols along the way. We also stopped at the McDowell Hospital to ensure every child that spent Christmas at the hospital had a present to open. Hope was delivered to over 15 families and countless kids in the community.

January 1st 2015 - Project Angel was born. With the success of the Toy Walk, we wanted to be able to impact more kids in the community. A page and nomination system has been created to identify kids in need. While things like "Angel Tree" exist, we found that there are still a vast number of kids and families not seen, not helped - we are going to change that. http://alivecubed.org/projectangel/

January 15th 2015 - We select three exceptional people for our first official Alive^3 (cubed) excursion to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. The three people selected have displayed selflessness, and have been battling or recovering something of some sort. This trip is a re-birth of sort. Alive cubed is handling transport, supplies, food, guide for the trip. This trip is being led by Graham Norman, our head of excursions and outdoor expert. Excursion departs late March 2015

February 1st 2015 -  Facebook.com/ownyourtoday page exceeds 6k likes with a reach of 15k people weekly. Our page has been built not to simply share good photos and quotes but share things of action that our team is doing, whether it be an excursion, battling through something, or a helping hand. With the help of professional photographers William Mauney and Justin Costner we have been able to connect with thousands with a single post. Videography is becoming a key tool in our inspirational toolbelt, with two videos to date reaching over 10k people each. Facebook has become our main platform and tool to nominate people for excursions, share things we are doing, and help people connect with their purpose. We invest $300/month in advertising to connect more people with our mission of helping others live life to the fullest. Our current average of growth is 150 users per week. Organic growth is increasing allowing us to mitigate monthly expense.

February 10th 2015 - Our Fundly page is retired with just under $5,000 raised and we launch our first internal race page for Amy Hudgins. We did this to reduce processing fees from outside vendors. We were paying close to 8% in fees, resulting in less funds to help. Our new page accepts all forms of payments at 2.9%. It also allows us to personalize each of our racer's page's a bit more. At the present we are developing social widgets to make each page more effective.

February 15th 2015 - Nicole and Bethany were selected for a Landscape Photography Course held on the Linville Rim by Justin Costner. A well known photographer whose work has been featured in Backpacker and North Face. Each participant will get a guided hike, lunch, and a personal photography lesson. They will also get 5 edited photographs from their trip. Alive^3 (cubed) funded the placement of these two individuals. Both individuals were from Marion NC.

March 14th 2015 - Alive^3 (cubed) hosts its first annual Bear Crawl 5k and Cub Crawl. The Bear Crawl 5k is an obstacle course race set up at Jellystone Park Marion NC. The course will feature natural and manmade obstacles to test mind, body, and soul. Things like wall climbs, canoe pulls, spear throws, water, fire and mud.  The race design is based on whether an obstacle was something a human should be capable to do in a general sense, run, climb, crawl, move with agility and strength. Survive and thrive is the goal while building obstacle immunity. Becoming immune to the challenges of life and delaying our fight or flight response in everyday stressful situations. Alive cubed Director Kevin Gauthier is leading the charge with promotion, race design and construction.

To date: 2.22.15 170 racers have signed up for the Bear Crawl, we expect this number to clear 200 come race day.

The Cub Crawl is a nature inspired 1 mile obstacle course. With each obstacle representing an element of nature. This will be both a learning (mind), physical (body), and soul (connecting with nature) experience for all kids involved. Kids ages 5-13 "Planting a seed of good health"