Buckets of Life

Alive^3 " alive cubed" funds bucket list experiences for selfless individuals who due to an extreme cirumstance cannot live out a dream on their own. We differ from other make a wish foundations in that we fund experiences for exceptional people of all ages and a variety of circumstance. The keys that we look for is "an exceptional person" and "selflessness" - Heroes

To fund these experiences we race and explore raising money from generous hearts across the country 

A wish come true helps one feel stronger, more energetic, more willing and able to battle their circumstance. For many, the wish marks a turning point in their in their fight, a spark to light the fire from within. This is why we fund bucket list experiences, our hope is that these experiences will elevate life not just in the moment but for year's to come. 


who we are helping

Alive cubed was founded to help selfless people " of varying circumstances live out a dream that due to an extreme circumstance wouldn't be able to do it on their own. Here are stories from people we have helped:

Prayers for Skyla  

Skyla has been battling DBA (Diamond Blackfan Anemia), along her journey she has inspired countless people as she faces this disease with courage. Skyla's wish was to visit Jellystone Park and be a kid again. With the help of Kevin Gauthier and his Spartan Race in Virginia we were able to get Skyla to experience a weekend at Jellystone, in her words "best time of my life"


A Hero's wish to see Ellen  

David, a former skydive instructor who saved a ladies life when both parachutes failed.His act of heroism has left his body in bad shape. His wish, to see Ellen in person


Bryson's wish to learn how to snowboard  

Bryson, while fighting Leukemia started "Bryson's FUEL" Bryson’s F.U.E.L. is a 501© 3 dedicated to providing hope and support to those families who are touched by childhood cancer, not matter the age of the child. His families selfnessness touched our hearts, Bryson's wish - to learn how to snowboard. Timur Dincer completed the Rocketman Triathlon @ Kennedy Space Center and raised over $500 to fund Bryson's dream


more stories coming soon...