Eat what you want

One of the biggest challenges in life is food. Food is also one of the greatest blessings. For me it is Oreos and milk. The combination may even be better than Peanut butter and Jelly. Yep, I said it!

When it comes to food and nutrition it can be complicated. There are so many diets, and so many algorithms that it can be perplexing.

We are going to keep it simple. Eat early and often

I often hear about people eating less than 1,000 calories a day and wondering "Why am I not losing weight? "

One of the reasons is simple. You are starving yourself, your body is actually producing fat for you so you can survive. You need to eat more than that.

Eating between 2 to 3 thousand calories a day is about right. Depending on your physical activity you can eat more. I currently consume around 4 to 5 thousand calories a day depending on how much physical activity I do.

The key is this. Eat early and often. If you concentrate the majority of your calories in the morning, your body will have all day to break it down. Then taper your meals as you go through the day, making dinner actually somewhat light.

I encourage you to set up 5 meals a day.

  1.     Big meal to start the day, make time for it (at least 500 -1000 calories)
  2.     Snack between 10-11am (200-300 calories)
  3.     Medium meal for lunch (500-700 calories)
  4.     Snack between 1-3pm (200-300 calories)
  5.     Light meal for dinner ( 600 calories or less)

Drink water 30 minutes prior to each meal (Trust me)

After a couple weeks of this you will find a couple things happen. Your body will be programmed to know when it is getting its food and nutrition. Hence, it fires up your metabolism so you can burn calories while you are sitting. A faster metabolism will spike your energy levels. Once you get this going, you are unstoppable.

You combine this with physical activity and you will see dramatic results AND you will not feel guilty when you dunk your oreos in your milk :)

Other keys to keep in mind.

Try to stay away from processed foods
Eat Whole foods
No sugar added
and Gluten free if you can

Why is sugar bad? Sugar isn't bad, sugar in excess is bad. Be mindful of this as you eat and drink. The science behind this is simple. Your liver processes sugar and turns it into fat. So while your calories may be in check, your fat levels may spike due to excess sugar. Don't believe me? Watch this
Fed Up, is a documentary produced by Katie Couric and Laurie David showing the ill effects of excess sugar.