What does balance mean to you?

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” ~Thomas Merton

You don't even need to know how to define balance to know when you don't have it.   The feeling is not elusive at all.  For me, I am reactive, scattered, unhappy, filled with a void and in this constant state of searching for direction.  It's not a good feeling and if imbalance is chronic, it will sabatage your state of mind, your health and your spirit.  

Believe me, I know.


I hate to say it but at just about every point in my life, in the last 20 years, I have felt imbalanced. My teens and twenties were defined by extremes: in love, school, exercise, work.  There was zero spiritual connection.  I was busy, yet lost.  

It wasn't until my mid 30's, with marrying my rock of a husband that I began to see what balance meant to me.  We became pregnant right away, I left a high stress real estate career and began my "babe-on-hip job" so I could be a stay at home with my son.  For a few years I had balance.  I had connected spiritually, I was the healthiest I had been in my life, I was doing what feeds my soul and I had my new, growing family. Overall, a sense of peace and purpose existed.  

Fast-foward almost three years later and I am struggling.  Two kids now, I am stumbling at figuring out how to balance my work and life, my health has declined and admittedly, I am disconnected from my purpose.  How did I get here?  

Something has to give.  

Luckily, I have had a taste of balance and know it is worth getting back.  

For me, that means: 

  1. Nourishing my body in the way it needs to have resilience and be strong enough to be on this Earth a long, long time.
  2. To feel connected, spiritually.  
  3. To do what feeds my soul.  To live with purpose.
  4. To have peace of heart and mind.
My promise to myself are that my decisions from this point forward will have all these in mind.  I have hope and appreciate your prayers and loving light.

Meanwhile, here is the bottom line, as a Mom:

We are not selfish in taking time for ourselves to connect our mind, body and soul.  

Ultimately we are teaching our kids that life on this Earth is not about merely existing.  It is about being present, mindful, soulful and intentful.  We owe them (and ourselves) that example as we are their greatest teachers.

My question to you is what does balance mean for you?

by Jennifer Black

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