Alive^3, "alive cubed" is a 501c3 dedicated to helping others live life to the fullest. 

our story

The birth of my son Phoenix. Prior to receiving him in my arms. I worked close to 80 hours a week. Tethered to my phone and email always focused on the next step but never quite in the moment. Even on family vacations my mind was elsewhere. I would go to the bathroom just to check my email. My family's business grew 3 fold over 6 years and we were quickly at a staff of over 20. In this process we won several national awards and even were inducted into the Trip advisor Hall of Fame.

All of this and I was empty. Why? 

I remember sitting in my bathtub asking my wife " why I am here?! " "why am I alive?! " I was so sad. I had everything. A great family, the house, the cars, the prestige - On the outside, everyone viewed me as the happiest guy they knew. Always smiling and waving - on the inside, I was empty. My happiest moments were riding my lawnmower cutting grass. In circles I went. Is this life?!

In this moment I was 5'9" weighing 215 pounds, no energy, lethargic. It was hard to breathe. Then a boy nearly drowned in our park. I wasn't even there, but after learning about how it happened, and 2 minutes of CPR to bring him back to. My first thought was " what if we lost the park " This was my identity, this is all I knew, the bain of my existence. It was in this thought that I decided to make a change. 

I made a decision to engage life fully the best I knew how. I made choices to enhance balance as well as explore things I thought I might enjoy ( I didn't really know what that was at the time ). I dropped my iPhone for a flip phone. Traded direct tv for a roku and adjusted staffing to get me closer to a normal work schedule and I found time to do the things that fuel me. My flame was lit!

I made time to explore my creative and adventurous side. In less than a year I lost 65 pounds, and awakened a passion for cycling and mountain running. I was ALIVE. ( in the physical sense ) 

Alivecubed was launched and we were helping people. We were doing great things. 

In this process I had discovered the gift of running. So much so that I picked up sponsors and began to earn recognition for this new found talent. Traveling the world, doing what I loved. In this process Danielle (my wife) and I became very detached. While I found my gift I wasn't using it to the betterment of anyone. Just myself. My own glory.

This eventually led to a near divorce and lots of pain within my family and extended family. 

Even at the pinnacle of traveling, having a following and seeing the world - what I thought I always wanted, I AGAIN found myself EMPTY! I remember at one point while I was running on the fells in England, standing atop the mountain " I am living my dream " then a second thought came " while my family suffers" This is no way to live. Another thought that surfaced while I was competing “ ok you win - then you go to the next competition - you win - then what ?! ” I am foreshadowing here but my thought tricked into this stream of never ending emptiness. 

Ok so financial success didn't make me fufilled, maybe living my man-made dream would. Nope. 0 for 2. 

Enter. God. One of the things I found interesting in this process was even though I was emancipating my gifts, I wasn’t living for God. I was doing good things in the community, raising money and helping people but I wasn’t really fulfilled. This is where I came to learn about Jesus. I was at a race in Tahoe, where I met a guy that I admired for his running. Morgan Elliott - one of the best runners in the country, maybe the world. He randomly invited me for a hike. We hiked, as we did, he started talking about Jesus. I was shocked honestly that he believed as he ran with such authority. I always had a curiosity about Jesus but never really had an example of how someone was living IT. I knew of people that knew scripture well but living it was a whole other matter. This deviseness between words and action kept me away but Morgan was living it. It was in this moment that I wanted to live in the way Jesus lived. 

I later found this verse: I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10 

I thought back to my life and how even when I was living my gift, “successful”, or even helping people -without God as my foundation life fell short. God is the difference between altruism and life to the full. The fruits of the spirit do not come from outwardly praise, it comes from God himself. When God is realized life can be had to the full. His spirit lives in each of us, it’s up to us to live it to the fullest. 

After all of this, we relaunch Alivecubed with a true foundation. God. 

Our family is happy, and we are impacting lives for the better for God‘s glory, not ours.

Own your today,

Alex and Danielle Garcia 




    helping others

    "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." -winston churchill

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    We fund experiences for exceptional selfless people that need a leg up to make a memory that will last a lifetime.

    live with purpose.

    "He that has a why to live, can bear almost any how"

    - Freidrich Nietzsche

    The most basic question everyone faces in life is Why am I here? What is my purpose? 

    Through daily inspiration, action, and motivation we are helping people live life to it's full potential. Breaking the monotany of the day to day and living with purpose

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